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April 30, 2016

Being busy all through the academic year, wading through the school routines, engaged with the school related activities such as home tasks, projects, exams and many more keep children’s brain active and ready to perceive more and more.

As the summer vacation sets in, a large percentage of children get relaxed and get involved with screen to such an extent that they lose interest in most of the learning activities they were much interested before.

This results in children experiencing learning loss which will affect their performance graph when the academic year starts.

In addition to academic risks, children can also be at an increased risk of weight gain if they are not active during the summer months.

So, as parents, we take on the challenge of keeping our children physically busy and mentally active during long summer days. Summer is the perfect time to let your child’s imagination run wild and stimulate creativity.

We, the team @ Sproutz,  is taking an initiative to provide you some ideas to relevantly engage your children during the summer months…

We assure you that these activities will enliven your kid’s creativity.


It is very important that…..

you involve yourself in all the activities and play along with your kid.

Create your own Hoopla game

This simple game doesn’t have to be played only at amusement parks.Setting up your own Hoopla game at home is very easy. You just need to be a little bit creative with things around the house. Hoopla can guarantee hours of fun time with your children. The key ingredient is the time you spend with them.


  • Simple plastic ring can  be used for hoopla.

  • You will need plastic rings that can be tossed to play this game.


  • If a plastic ring can’t be found, may be an embroidery hoop, or a tennikoit ring, or a large plastic bangle.

  • some large plastic bangles

    some large plastic bangles

  • Inner ring of an embroidery ring.

    Inner ring of an embroidery ring.


  • Just a disposable cut-out

    Just a disposable cut-out

  • hoopla_cut_out

    A cut out of the cardboard will work too..


  • If none of these are available, you can make your own cut-out out of disposable plates. You can consider gluing a few them to make the ring a bit sturdy.


  • Now you can use any small items that can be found around the house to make them as targets.  You can challenge your child by increasing the distance or coding the objects.

  • Plastic bottles filled with sand.

    Plastic bottles filled with sand.

  • Small toys in the house

    Small toys in the house


This fun-filled activity not only engages you and your child but also helps enhance your child’s hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills and ability to focus on the target

Above all, you are now the coolest parent in your child’s view.

Stay tuned for more fun-filled activities that you can do with your child….

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