January 12, 2018
  • Festive Look

    Our children had some amazing time filled with Sankranthi festivities before they broke off for Pongal vacation. Dressed in ethnic wear, they all came enthusiastically to be part of the Pongal celebrations. We sure can't disappoint them!
  • Rangoli by all!

    They decorated rangoli with lots of colors, not knowing that they are honing their sensorial and fine motor skills. Our toddlers are no exception. They had a blast decorating with colours.
  • Bhogi/Lohri -- Bonfire

    They enjoyed the warmth that 'bonfire' (bhoghi/lohri) has to offer. They also learnt that South Indians celebrate Bhogi and they call it Lohri in North India. Who could resist the warmth on a cold winter morning?
  • Using real hammer

    They felt very proud and accomplished as they pounded jaggery with a real hammer (They were recently learning about tools). They tasted jaggery and identified it to be sweet. It became very difficult to contain their excitement to eat pongal after tasting the jaggery! They were coming back again and again for more jaggery tasting.
  • Making Pongal

    Our kids eagerly helped us make pongal/porridge in a clay pot. They watched the pot eagerly as the milk boiled over. They added rice. They observed that uncooked rice is small and hard in contrast to cooked rice. Finally, once the rice is cooked, we added the pounded jaggery.
  • Listening to stories...

    Kids enjoyed listening to 'Magic porridge pot' and 'Goldilocks and three bears' stories as the porridge was made. As I was reading the Magic Porridge pot, I asked them what they would do with the huge quantities of porridge that was made by the magic pot. Tavvishka instantly replied, “I will invite all the people and give them porridge”. When I asked them how they could stop ‘Goldilocks’ from entering into their house, they almost instantly replied that they would LOCK the house. Reading stories gives us wonderful opportunities to understand our children’s thought processes, character and last but not the least, their ability to comprehend and distinguish good from bad.
  • To summarize all things they learnt, they watched a video about lohri/pongal/sankranthi/harvest festival as they enjoyed the delicious porridge with earthy flavour! Hmmm…..Yummy!!!

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