Read Aloud Week 2018

At Sproutz
  • We think everyone in the world should get to hear,  imagine, read and make stories. They should simply fall in love with books. The time we invest in reading for our children is well worth it. For, the benefits that we reap are far more than we can imagine. So, how can we make it happen? The answer is plain and simple: “read to them”.  

    At Sproutz, we don’t miss any opportunity to “read to them”. So, inspired by the ‘World Read Aloud Day’, we, at Sproutz, celebrated the first week of February as ‘Read Aloud Week’. Isn’t it wonderful to listen to a story although you can read it to yourself? Just imagine a child’s feeling if he is read to. A toddler would just say, “again” even before we get to the last page.  What if we read them our favourite stories? No morals, no preaching, no teaching — JUST STORIES.  This is exactly what we did at Sproutz for a week! Each teacher sat with a pile of her favourite books in her classroom. Children moved to various classrooms and picked the books they wanted to be read to.  Kids enjoyed going to various classrooms and listening to different teachers’ favourite stories. They got excited, mesmerized and enthralled as they got immersed in the stories read by different teachers. Some puppets made the narration more livelier. Our older children read to the younger lot. Kids attempted to retell their favourite stories. Our dance teacher read “Giraffes can’t dance” followed by some fun waltzing like warthogs and doing a cha, cha, cha like the chimps! Oh, what fun! How can we forget our parents? Our parents came and read their favourite stories to us and made it even more memorable!

    All in all, a fun week where our kids’ appetite for books just grew by leaps and bounds!  We couldn’t have utilized this time in any other better way.   We are already looking forward to the next read-aloud week!


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