Pajama Party 2018

February 21, 2018
  • Pajama party had been a tradition at Sproutz since the first year of Sproutz. The current generation is a busy generation. With both parents working, ever growing zeal to establish their careers,  have a family, be good parents etc etc. the pressures are numerous. With young children at hand the demands are even more –Sick children, deadlines, releases, late night overseas calls, shifts etc. Some families have crossed states to make a living with their families left far behind. They miss their support system. They save their vacations to visit families ( if any is left). All in all, life becomes monotonous. For first time parents, life has already altered 180 degrees after having the child. We all adore our children and love to tend to them. No doubt about it. But, everyone could use a little downtime. Just a few hours of  enjoying a nice dinner  or a movie or simply lie down on the couch like a vegetable and laze it out.  Just a few hours of guilt free ‘no responsibilities’ time.  Sproutz  pajama party is just for that!   But, we do it Sproutzie style!


  • It was a day at Sproutz on STEROIDS! We don’t know about parents, but our kids had a blast!  We started our evening with some silly crazy hair-dos for our children using a natural harigel made at home by our beloved Nidhi ma’am. Our teachers rocked with styling because, one of our parents asked me  if we hired a hairstylist.  

  • Kids and bubbles can never go wrong. Children enjoyed blowing big bubbles using the giant bubble solution made by Ms.Maya. They learnt to blow slowly for the bubble to not burst. They enjoyed waving the wands gently to create bubbles.


  • Our kids warmed up for the evening with a round of musical chairs played for their favourite nursery rhymes. Kids as young as 2-3 years were super attentive to rush to the chair as soon as the music stopped. Swara from playgroup competed on par with the nursery children and stood a chance almost till the end. However, when she didn’t have a chair to sit in the end, she was quick on her feet solving the problem. She immediately brought her own chair!


  • Children recharged themselves with watermelon lollies and the ‘goldfingers’ on their hand before they jumped into some serious partying. Ruhi asked me to make watermelon lollies and goldfingers for the next day as she was getting ready for the bedtime after going home.  Some of our Einsteins figured out that goldfingers, after taking a bite, can be used to poke and burst balloons! They had a blast as they blasted a room full of balloons using goldfingers. This was a new discovery for me. Talk about being resourceful.


  • Kids had some awesome time with photo-op , playing in the tent, disco, cuddle time, star gazing and some fun games.Who could resist swinging for a fast beat song under disco lights? Could you? Not our kids! They swayed, shuffled and pranced to the music like natural dancers. The were literally exhausted with all the dancing they did before they went for some sumptuous home cooked dinner.

  • One of the best things that we did in Pajama Party this year was to ask parents to send food. I was really amazed to see the pride in each child’s face when the food that they brought from home was tasted by their friends. They were making sure that their mom’s food got due attention from the  teachers as well as their friends. One of our toddlers, Tej got really excited when carrot halwa sent by his mom was served on his plate and his friends plates. We were surprised to see that he could identify and get excited about it at that young age(1.5 years). All kids enjoyed tasting different flavours.


  • Now comes my favourite part of the day– shadow theater!  Anitha, Kavya and Prasanna ma’ams  entertained our children with some shadow theater stories, rhymes and pure shadow play. Kids got very excited and intrigued by the shadows. Especially, Jack in the box rhyme. It became very difficult to contain the children as audience. They all wanted to be in the backstage making shadows and narrating stories. So, we simply gave them an opportunity to make some shadows.  


  • Last and most favourite part for children is the movie screening.. A room full of freshly made beds and a big screen invited our children to come and relax and enjoy the big screen so much that they kept their parents waiting!



  • We hope that all our parents had equally good time and are completely rejuvenated and ready!
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