Our Awesome Team

    • Saroja Kotha
      Founder Director

      Saroja Kotha

      Founder Director

      I am Saroja. I would like to introduce myself as a mom first and then President and Founder Director for Sproutz. Having raised an accomplished and independent child, I felt that I can do the same for several more children. My strength lies in being with children, observing them, understanding their capabilities and provoking their thought to further challenge.  I believe in letting children explore and stretch their capabilities and be prepared for everyday life situations. I strongly believe that guiding the children during early childhood to enable them to be independent and responsible makes both children and their parents’ life easy.

      During my free time, I like reading, spending with my family &friends. Fashion designing is my favourite hobby.

      Personal Info:
      • Degree:
      • My Languages:
        English, Hindi, Telugu
      • My Hobby:
        Reading, Fashion Designing, Family time
    • Manjusha Gadamsetty
      Founder Director

      Manjusha Gadamsetty

      Founder Director

      I am Manjusha, one of the Founder Directors at Sproutz. I am a mother of two lovely children that have pretty much nothing in common. They made me realize that each child is unique and should be treated very differently. Having seen both sides of the world, I wanted to harness on the goodness of both worlds to contribute in shaping up our next generation. I believe in excellence in any path chosen and I strive to constantly beat my own expectations.  In pursuit of excellence, I learn , learn and learn. I learn new things every single day to overcome minor and major challenges that come in my way. I hope to nurture some creative minds to seek what they believe in.

      Personal Info:
      • Degree:
        MS. Comp Sci @GMU, B.Tech @NIT-Warangal
      • My Languages:
        English, Telugu, Hindi
      • My Hobby:
        Reading, Family time
    • Nandi Maya Gurung

      Nandi Maya Gurung


      Hello! I am Nandi Maya Gurung, aka Maya. I am born in Nepal but, I grew up in Hyderabad. I pursued my B.H.Sc (Bachelor of Home Science) with a specialisation in Early childhood education from professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University, Hyderabad.

      This is my second year at Sproutz. As an Early childhood education specialist I am very excited to work at Sproutz because, Sproutz believes that “children have wings, we help them to fly”. So, with my theoritical knowledge,skills and experiences I want the children to develop in all the areas (Gross motor, Fine motor, Language, Socio-emotional and Intellectual skills) and make them fly in this world.

      I chose this profession because, I love being with children  and teaching them. My biggest strength is my patience to handle even the most difficult child. Apart from being with kids and playing with them, I also love reading Chetan Bhagat novels and short stories by Sudhamurthy.

      Personal Info:
      • Degree:
        B.H.Sc Childhood Education
      • Class Educator:
      • My Languages:
        English, Hindi, Telugu
      • My Hobby:
    • Ashwini Royala

      Ashwini Royala


      Hai! I am Ms.R. Ashwini. I am the facilitator for Play Group kids at Sproutz. I studied B.Sc(Hons) (Bachelor of Home science) and specialized in human development and family studies from Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University, Hyderabad. I am very passionate about children and I like to be with kids. So, I chose early childhood education as my profession.

      I feel very happy, proud and enthusiastic to be part of Sproutz. Using my practical,theoretical and personal experiences, I want to work on holistic development of children. I believe that we can get  successful results by involving children in various activities or practices rather than just showing and teaching them. I love to teach them concepts in creative way. I have good patience to take care of any type of kids. Kids feel happy and they enjoy being with me.

      Apart from this, I love to play Tennicoit. I won many prizes too. I also like to read stories. Let’s work together to make this year a successful year.

    • Nidhi Handa

      Nidhi Handa


      I am Nidhi and I am a facilitator at Sproutz. I began my journey with Sproutz in April 2016. I have done my B.Sc and Bachelor of Education but, the learning process is still on with the kids. Every day is a new experience with children.

      The role of a teacher has always been vital in the development of students. I believe in developing and polishing their innate potentials, in addition to being a motivator, guide and friend. I feel that a good teacher teaches from heart and not from the book. I am passionate about giving my best to the students.

      I chose this profession because it takes a big heart to shape little minds. And by doing so I feel, I can bring a change in the life of little ones which makes my life worthwhile.

  • Class Hours Per Year

    • Circle Time54 Hours
    • Literacy/Numeracy Time122 Hours
    • Rhymes, Music & Movement41 Hours
    • Physical Activity time81 Hours
    • Art & Craft68 Hours
    • Reading/Story telling54 Hours
    • Free Play/Activity Corners81 Hours
    • Logical Thinking27 Hours
    • Experiential Learning27 Hours
    • Scientific Investigations18 Hours
  • Questions and Answers
    Writing at an early age

    We are totally game for raising linguistic smart children at Sproutz. However, we feel that their valuable time at early ages (under 3) should be spent exploring and doing lot of creative activities that toughen-up their hands and provide them the strength to write. So, while we engage them with a lot of pre-writing activities, we don’t introduce the formal writing practice until PP1.

    Reporting on Individual Achievement

    Every child chooses their own growth path. One may learn to walk early while the other might learn to talk early. We should neither compare nor label anyone as smart or dumb without giving them an extensive chance. At Sproutz, we never compare one child against another. However, our comprehensive Skill Assessment gives a fair idea of where the child is on the progression chart with respect to things that matter. Our assessment are meant to act as guidance for teachers and parents on how to better support/nurture the child.

    Experiential Learning

    Children absorb better when they touch, feel, see anything that we want them to understand. So, to augment the learning experience, we try to incorporate relevant field trips as and when necessary for our nursery and above kids.

    Cooking & Scientific Investigation Opportunities

    Early childhood is full of curiosity, exploration and wonder. We bank on these innate talents of children and show them various investigations that they can relate to in everyday life. Cooking is also another wonderful medium to teach children several different concepts in a fun way. So, we create lot of cooking opportunities for the children.

  • Our Core Skills

    Feel free to explore our core skills
    • Positive Approach Towards Child

      At Sproutz, we believe that each child is unique in their own way. So, our approach to understand and cater to each child is different as well.

    • Learning Styles

      We understand that children learns differently. Our teachers take kids’ learning preferences into account while preparing and executing lesson plans to ensure that children learn.

    • Value Based Education

      Value based education aims at equipping our students with social and relationship skills, intelligences and attitudes to succeed not only at school but throughout their lives.

    • Life Skill Development

      No education is complete without enabling the children to make healthy choices and adopt healthy behaviour through out their lives. Our comprehensive, integrated life skills education helps children to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. We incorporate life skills outlined by WHO into our curriculum.

    • Differentiated Learning

      In any given room, we will always have a mix of children with different learning capacity and capability. Our teachers make lesson plans to ensure that the tasks given to each child are relevant based on their learning capacity.

    • Continuous Comprehensive Assessment

      Our continuous and ongoing observation & assessment efforts primarily focus on adapting our strategies or care giving to further enhance the child’s experiences at school. We don’t believe in standard tests that include marks and grading which can be detrimental for some kids at that young age.

We are excited to welcome you at Sproutz!

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