Deadly Red – A Creative Math Game

March 27, 2020
  • To every child, true love means spending quality time with them. The memories parents can deposit into their child’s memory bank is playing with them and giving unforgettable movements.

    How to spend quality time with your kids?

    In the present scenario, where both the parents go for work, they do not have enough time to spend with their kids. This brings down the healthy communication and affection between the kids and the parents. 

    To maintain a special, affectionate, and a healthy relationship with your kids, always take time to play with them, schedule some pleasant trips to keep them active. Kids love to have fun with their parents more than anything!!

    Due to this pandemic disease Corona, we all are aware that government have strictly issued holidays to schools and work from home to all the offices. Kids are staying indoor with limited games.

    It is a good opportunity for the parents to spend maximum time with their kids and play indoor games with them.

    • Play games that sharpen kids brains and improves their creative thinking and the IQ levels.
    • Try to watch some interesting and motivational message-oriented movies, series, rhymes, and stories appropriate to their age.
    • To boost up their health, bring them to have physical workouts in the mornings.
    • Be kids again for your kids, read their lessons aloud with them during bedtime.
    • Take many pictures with them while you do some activities.
    • Most kids get attracted to cooking, take time to have some fun while teaching them to cook small dishes.
    • Engage them in one or the other activities, so that they don’t become lazy and their mind is always active.

    There are many toys and new games in the market for kids, try to avoid them and teach them games that involves human interactions.

    Here is one such game explained below that enhances their thinking capacity and sharpens the brain.

    The Game is called Deadly Red @ a creative math game.

  • How to play the game?

    This game has two players.

    It is a line-based game, 

    To play this game, draw a star with 13 points on it, and the middle point will be in red as it decides the loser.

    Place 1 to 12 pegs randomly on the 12 points of the star.

    Place 13th peg on the redpoint.

    Now the players are set to start the game.

    Note: The red point peg should be picked as the last number.

    Player A picks up randomly a series of pegs, that fall on any straight line of the star between 1 to 12. 

    Player B does the same thing.

    After two to three turns of random picks of the pegs by both the players, whoever picks up the last peg that is 13 on the redpoint will be the loser of the game.

    Kids will try maximum not to lose the game.

    It is a very simple yet a tough game, which increases the interest of the kid to play indoor games.


    Play this game with your kids, this will develop the competency skills of your kids, as they will try to win the game, whatever may be the situation.

    Indeed, they will think in different directions on how to defeat their opponent in the game, and this enhances their creative thinking ability.

    You will spend quality time with them while you play with them.

    Kids will learn how to defend themselves when they are in losing situation. 

    If you expose the kids to more games they will be the master of the tricks of winning the games.


    Remember, If you want to be in your child’s tomorrow, live along with them in their present. As a good parent, mould your child’s present to lay a beautiful path for future.

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